Whatapp Is Going To Stop Working From 2020

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. In today’s post I am updating you with an update on whatsapp that’s going to take place in 2020. Whatsapp is declared a latest news on their official site. They stated on their site that Whatsapp is not going to support older version of os in mobile handsets. 

From the last few years, whatsapp has evolved from a simple messaging app to an all-in-one communication solution. It is not always possible for older devices to grab the latest features in the whatsapp. On other hand, it also difficult for whatsapp to provide these features to older devices. So from 2020 whatsapp is not going to support older versions of handsets.

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No supporting means you will not be getting any updates for Whatsapp and won’t be able to send and receive messages on Whatsapp.

For Androids: Whatsapp will not be supporting android devices having android version 2.3.7 or below from 1 February, 2020.

For IOS: In IOS devices there will be no support provided by the whatsapp for IOS 8 or below from 1 February, 2020.

For Windows: For windows devices, Microsoft already dropped support for their os. From 1 January, 2020 Whatsapp also going to fully drop the support for all windows os handsets.

From the versions listed above check if you are already in the lucky list of the Whatsapp or you need to upgrade your mobile devices to be in that list. For Windows device users it will be a little sad because they have to switch to android or ios devices to still using Whatsapp.

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