Python Beginner Course Index

Hi guys, welcome to the beginner’s python course. This course is specially for those who have little or no experience in python or any other programming language.

This course is designed to help the beginner or even advanced programmers to learn python basics. Content of this course is very simple and relatable. Therefore, you can grab the complex topics more easily.

Chapters are given below select a chapter and start learning now. Best of Luck.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Python

    This chapter includes some basic introduction before your hands get dirty with python. What is python, history of python and uses of python are considered in this chapter.

  • Chapter 2: Python Installation

    Installing python on your machine to start practicing python. Step-by-step tutorial given in this chapter.

  • Chapter 3: First Python Program

    Getting your hands dirty with python programming by creating you first python program - Hello world program.

  • Chapter 4: Take User Inputs

    User inputs are very important in any program. input() function is used to collect inputs from users in python programming language.

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