How Computers Are Going To Snatch Your Jobs In Future…!


As we all knows that in future computers are going to snatch our jobs. So in this post I am going to talk about how it is taking place. And which industries are most affected by those changes and what are the beneficial industries which are going to offer jobs in future.

Reason For Jobs Lose


Reason why we are going to face job lose in future is growing improvements in Artificial Intelligence. Let me describe to you what actually means by artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence means developing an algorithm for machines. So that they can learn by themselves from the given data, to predicts results of the answers and to perform certain actions in specific conditions like humans.

For more information on artificial intelligence have a look at this video Watch Video.

Types Of Industries Going To Face Job Lose

With the today’s technical development in Artificial Intelligence(AI). I think AI is not going to kill all the jobs but most of the common jobs like we see today are going to be dead soon. AI is not going to snatch the jobs which involves some creative task. For example, Graphic Designing, Interior Designing, Photography, Writing etc.

But the jobs which AI is going to replace are like these. With the given below jobs example you can get an idea of which types of jobs AI can replace.

  1. Receptionists: Receptionists jobs are definitely going to loose as with artificial intelligence machines are able to talk to humans like in the same way actual human beings does. If you have been used Google Assistance or Apple Siri, then you have a clear idea of what I am talking about.
  2. Couriers: You may heard about the self driven cars, these will also working on AI technology. Same technology is going to be implemented in the drones using which future deliveries are going to take place.
  3. Book Keepers: Book keeping jobs is also going to lost in future as artificial intelligence is as good as it can updates books by itself.

As discussed above, with today’s technological development, AI is not sufficient yet to replace jobs which involves some creativity. But, who knows may be in future after further development AI can also be able to replace the creative jobs. As technology is limitless, it is continuously being improving day-by-day.


From the above points, it is clear that AI is going to replace jobs in future. But it is not a new thing, it is common that as with the improvement in technologies old methods of doing things will be replaced with new ones. 

But don’t be negative about AI as with the implementation of AI more new jobs, industries and opportunities are going to be born.

For example, as prior the invention of telephones people had been communicating through posts. But with the invention of telephones the jobs of almost every postman, post office managers etc. are lost. But as you can check yourself nowadays there is a lot of jobs in mobile sector.

Comment below to let know about your opinion and views on artificial intelligence. Let’s take this discussion further.

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