Facebook Is Building It’s Own Operating System

Facebook already established it in the social media space with the bundle of social media apps like whatsapp, instagram & facebook. It also dips its feet in the hardware ocean as well via Oculus & Portal devices.From the recent report from The Information. Facebook is also working on its own…


Whatapp Is Going To Stop Working From 2020

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. In today's post I am updating you with an update on whatsapp that's going to take place in 2020. Whatsapp is declared a latest news on their official site. They stated on their site that Whatsapp is not going to support older version of os…


Take User Inputs In Python – Chapter 4

We know how to print something on the screen using python in the previous chapter. So know it's time to take inputs from user. What we are going to do today Today we are making our second program in python to learn about user inputs in python programming. In today's…


Your First Python Program – Chapter 3

Chapter 2 Python Beginner Course Index So far, we already installed python in our system. Click here to install python. Now it's time get your hands dirty with python. In this post I am going to show you how you can create your first python hello world program.  For better…


Python Installation – Chapter 2

Chapter 1 Python Beginner Course Index Chapter 3 Hi guys, we already started the python beginner course with a little introduction to python in the previous post. In this post we are going to install python in our system to start programming in python. Python Installation Step 1:Download the python…


Python Beginner Course Index

Hi guys, welcome to the beginner's python course. This course is specially for those who have little or no experience in python or any other programming language.This course is designed to help the beginner or even advanced programmers to learn python basics. Content of this course is very simple and…


Introduction to Python – Chapter 1

Python Beginner Course Index Chapter 2 Hello folks, welcome to my blog. This is the chapter 1 of the course "Python Programming for beginners". Check out the full index of the course using the above link. Introduction In this post we are going to cover what is python, short history of…


What is Bitcoin & How it works?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency which does not even exist in the real world. It is a open source project, so anyone can access its source code. It works using the technology same like Torrent which is peer-to-peer network.


What is Cyberbullying? Explained!

What is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is like bullying in real life. The only difference is that Cyberbullying includes harassing, humiliating or teasing someone over the Internet. One can experience cyberbullying on social media website, emails, online games etc. How someone can bullied over Internet? Here are some list of different types of…

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